Credit Check Up

St. Louis Community is committed to helping members build and improve credit so they may better access traditional banking services, get better loan rates, and have more life opportunities. For this reason, we offer members a Free Credit Check-Up** which includes the following benefits:
  1. Receive a copy of your credit report
  2. Find out your FICO® Score*
  3. A member service representative will briefly review the highlights, and offer service solutions that may help put money back in your pocket and offer ideas to help improve your credit score

To allow time to serve you, please call to make an appointment for your credit check up in advance: 314-534-7610
It’s important to know the facts about your credit. Below are a few resources from our partners at BALANCESM that can also help you on your journey.
*A Credit Check-Up generates a hard hit inquiry on your credit bureau, which may impact your credit score.
** Our Credit Check-Up service is also offered during new account opening and loan applications. Membership rules apply.