Family Security Plan

St. Louis Community Credit Union is pleased to bring you The Family Security Plan® in an effort to help build your foundation for a secure financial future. Since each of us has a unique family unit with a personal story, it is important to partner with an organization capable of delivering a diverse array of products designed to meet your specific needs.
Choose the plan that’s right for you:
  • Life Insurance has an important place in the plans of single adults as well as small to large families, regardless of the benefits offered through your work.
  • Disability Income Insurance helps replace your income in the form of a monthly benefit when you are out of work for an extended time due to an injury or illness.
  • Critical Illness Insurance triggers a lump sum cash benefit sent directly to a policyholder who has been diagnosed with a covered critical illness.
  • Accident Insurance provides a schedule of cash benefits when you or a family member experiences a covered injury or accident.
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