BALANCE Financial Fitness Program

Personal finances can often seem confusing or difficult. Let’s face it; you have financial obligations, money management challenges, employment uncertainties, and frequently not enough paycheck at the end of the month!
That’s exactly why St. Louis Community Credit Union partnered with BALANCESM, a free financial education and counseling service, which offers numerous opportunities to improve your financial fitness.
For starters, BALANCE features a broad selection of online educational courses, no matter your level of financial fitness. And when you’re ready for personalized attention, you can call a BALANCE counselor for their financial education and counseling services. Whether you want to review and improve your credit report, get out of debt, or set up a budget plan that works for you, BALANCE is there to help.
Call a BALANCE Counselor: 1-888-456-2227
Learn the basics of personal finance with BalanceTrack educational modules.