About Us

Our Mission

Through caring service and education, we provide the residents of the St. Louis region with safe, affordable and accessible financial services and products.

Our Vision

We exist to increase the standard of living and better the lifestyle of our members, our staff and the communities we humbly serve.

St. Louis Community is more than a credit union. As the social conscience of banking®, we’re a leader and voice for social justice in the financial services world.

For 75 years and counting, we have been changing lives and giving back to the individuals and communities we humbly serve. St. Louis Community Credit Union serves residents of St. Louis City and those of Franklin and St. Louis counties in Missouri; as well as St. Clair, Madison, Monroe and Jersey counties in Illinois.

We meet the ever-growing banking needs of all people, including low- and moderate-income individuals. Because we are a not-for-profit financial cooperative, we can offer better rates and fewer fees than most large financial institutions.

As a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI), we are committed to providing an outstanding selection of checking, savings and loan opportunities to help individuals and families create pathways to wealth. We are also a Low-Income Designated credit union and one of the largest Minority Depository Institutions in the country (per the National Credit Union Administration).

By the Numbers
• More than $285 million in total assets
• Nearly 60,000 total members strong
• 98% of City residents live within two miles of a branch
• 6,500+ second-chance checking accounts*

With 17 branch locations, we reach into some of St. Louis’ most financially underserved zip codes, including mini-branch offices inside social service agencies. We also operate 19 ATMs, plus participate in a credit union shared branching and ATM network that features thousands of locations nationwide.

Your membership with us means something. When you do business with St. Louis Community, you are making a difference. We give back to the communities we serve by:

  • offering affordable auto and home loans, second-chance checking products, savings accounts, credit building services and a payday loan alternative
  • placing locations in underserved communities where we are needed most
  • delivering free, hands-on financial education*

We’re part of the communities we reach. With 175-plus full-time employees, our connection is real.


Gerald Brooks, Chairman
Tim Butler, Vice Chairman
Tom Sullivan, Secretary & Treasurer
Angela Brooks
Susan Katzman
Kamarrah Killion
Kurt Mueller
John Windom
Steven Wood

Holly Humfeld, Chairwoman
Patricia Adams
Kurt Mueller

View Get to Know St. Louis Community Credit Union Video Transcript

– Our mission here at Saint Louis Community is to work with our members to help them achieve a better standard of living.

– All the money we make we give back to the members of the credit union in the form of better products and services, lower rates on loans, higher savings rates, and less fees, and in that give back we ensure that the members of our community, the members of our credit union all have a better life.

– The range of products and services that we offer here at Saint Louis Community Credit Union can meet anyone’s financial needs. For those people that may be struggling from month to month, trying to make ends meet, we have products that can help them out. And then for those who may be more comfortable putting away some money for some future living, we have some different products and services that can help them reach their goals as well.

– We have so many opportunities for the members ranging from the low credit scores all the way into the A credit scores, that there’s no way that we cannot help you.

– The mini branch is our opportunity to be in the hearts of communities we serve. Generally in the neighborhoods that need us the most. So we are able to reach out to the individuals one on one, we do the financial literacy courses with budgeting, we do short term and long term goals with the members, we give them more opportunities to sit down, more of counseling with them.

– The CU Excel Center is our one stop shop for financial literacy and life skills education. We’ve been able to do a lot of personal financial classes out of there, a lot of one on one coaching, and then we’ve branched out and did some life skills education, so we’re able to cover the actual needs of the community, and not just our specialty.

– I do most of my business as Saint Louis Community as they’re a full service credit union. They have offices everywhere that I am. They have ATM machines where I need an ATM machine, and they have the hours that work for me.

– We’re federally insured through NCUA, which is a federal government backed insurance. In addition to that we also have private insurance. You couple that with the fact that the credit union has a high capital position, capital in banking terms is the strength of the institution, and we have over twice what is required by the state of Missouri. So very safe, strong, stable institution.

– We provide tremendous value, our members save an average of nearly $400 by having their account at Saint Louis Community versus a bank, and I truly believe that if people knew what we know about the credit union, that they wouldn’t bank anywhere else.

– When they walk in and they trust us with their money, they’re running the show. That’s the bottom line, because we have to make sure that we serve them, and give them the service, and the programs that they want so that they keep their money with us.

– What I like best about Saint Louis Community Credit Union is I am made to feel like I matter, that I am important.

– During these tough economic times, giving back to the members is so important, If you will we’re in the economic stimulus business everyday. More money I can put into your pocket as a consumer, increases your ability to live a better lifestyle.

– When you find an institution like the Saint Louis Community Credit Union, that’s going to take you and nurture you, as well as help you financially, what more could you want? It’s all about teaching you, and giving you the products and the services that you need to better your life.

– Welcome.

– Welcome.

– Welcome.

– Welcome to the community.

Today, St. Louis Community Credit Union has more than $285 million in assets and serves more than 60,000 members.

What we do matters.

*Certain project costs have been underwritten by the Missouri Department of Economic Development, Neighborhood Assistance Program. These educational activities are financed (in part) through an allocation of Community Development Block Grant funds from the Department of Housing and Urban Development and the City of St. Louis’ Community Development Administration.