Credit Builder Loan

Your credit score can impact you in a variety of ways, including the interest rates you receive on loans, your ability to rent or purchase a home, even if a potential employer will hire you. So if you want to establish credit for the first time, or need to rebuild poor credit, our Credit Matters Loan was designed with you in mind.

Every member qualifies, so regardless of your credit, we can help you strengthen your credit score!

Our Credit Matters Loan is a $600 share-pledged loan that you repay over a 12-month period. The loan proceeds are first placed in a restricted savings account, and as you make monthly payments on the loan, funds from the savings account become available for your use. Or you can choose to keep those funds on deposit and build a great savings plan at the same time!

Your successful payment history on your Credit Matters Loan will be reported to the credit bureaus, which can positively impact your credit score.

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