Help Protect Yourself Against ATM Skimming

ATMs are traditionally used as safe and convenient ways to get the money we may need. Unfortunately, criminals also target ATMs to carry out illegal skimming activities.
ATM skimming occurs when thieves attach electronic devices on or near ATMs in an effort to steal your personal information. The practice isn’t just limited to ATMs. Consumers have also experienced this at gas stations, grocery stores or any point-of-sale terminal.
Here are some common things to look for:
Cameras. A small video recording device may be installed on or near the ATM. This is then used to capture personal identification numbers (PINs) as they are entered.
Skimming devices. These devices are usually placed over or into the card slot. An electronic piece is used to scan and store your personal information from the card.
Check for a thin, clear, plastic “sleeve” on the machine. Run your finger along the card slot before inserting your card. If someone has tampered with the machine, you might feel a couple of tiny prongs and see a plastic piece pop off.
If you are having trouble getting your card into the slot or if you notice that the slot appears damaged, do not complete your transaction. Cancel it immediately. Go into your credit union branch and speak with a St. Louis Community Credit Union team member or call us at 314.534.7610 to report the matter.
Modified keypad overlays. Overlays are placed onto the keypad to grab PINs as they are entered.
Criminals are becoming more and more sophisticated nowadays. St. Louis Community has security measures in place to help guard your personal information. Together, we can help catch ATM fraud before it goes too far. Here’s what you can do:
  • Shield your PIN with your hand as you enter it.
  • Monitor your account regularly using Online Banking and view your statements closely.
  • Speak up. If you see something suspicious, please let us know immediately.
We’re here for you.
Please know that your funds are federally insured by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA). When incidents occur, we work to refund any fraudulent transactions as quickly as possible. The safety of our members is our top priority.
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