FREE Shred Day! New Location This Year!

Saturday, April 29
9 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Protect yourself from identity theft, and recycle at the same time! St. Louis Community, in partnership with other area credit unions, is proud to offer a free shred event to all members. Please bring your documents and other paper products (a limit of 5 boxes per family), and we’ll securely shred and recycle them at no charge. Feel good about the safety of your information and the environment!


Southtown Branch
4435 Chippewa St.
St. Louis, MO 63116

Remember, we will be just one of several credit unions offering this free shred event. For a list of other participating credit union locations, please check out this flyer.

Funding for Community Services at Risk!

Please contact your member of Congress and ask them to restore the CDFI Fund.

Michelle_SureRidesAs a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI), St. Louis Community Credit Union can qualify for federal grants through the U.S. Treasury to help fund some of the vital programs we provide to our community. An example is our Sure Rides® Auto Loan program, designed to help qualified individuals get to work by giving them access to affordable car loans.

Michelle, pictured here, is an example of the hundreds of people who have benefited from the Sure Rides program. As a cancer survivor, she had found new hope in a new job offer. But there was a catch — the job was a 45-minute drive from her home. Her very old car couldn’t handle the new commute, and public transportation wasn’t an option.

Michelle hadn’t had a car loan in 10 years. “I thought I couldn’t afford it,” she says, “and I had some credit issues.”

A Credit Union employee assured her that we could work with her. “Once I found out they could help me, even before I had the car, it was just like a weight lifted,” she says.

Michelle’s story is just one example of how the Sure Rides Auto Loan program is making a difference in our community. Sure Rides was funded, in part, by a federal grant from the CDFI Fund. But now these important funds are at risk.

The government has proposed a budget that eliminates funding for the CDFI Fund. Eliminating this fund will hurt the ability of CDFI-designated credit unions like St. Louis Community to provide much-needed community assistance.

We need your help!

Please make your voice heard in Washington, DC. Tell your members of Congress we need the CDFI Fund. It plays a very important role in how your Credit Union gives back to the community and the people who need it most.

All you have to do is click here to reply. It only takes a few minutes. Thank you for your consideration!

Celebrating 75 Years of Giveback

2016 was an exciting year for St. Louis Community. Our giveback was everywhere in the forms of new branch openings, free mobile and electronic services, affordable loans, free financial education and debt counseling, and over 400 employee volunteer hours to our community. Every one of our members shares in our giveback, and we thank you for your membership.

The year ahead marks an important milestone for our Credit Union family: our 75th anniversary. We’re thrilled to look back on our history and even more excited to look ahead to our bright future. Stay tuned to see the many ways your Credit Union plans to celebrate 75 years of giving back to our community.

Coming in 2017: South City Wealth Accumulation Center

Construction is well underway at the South City Wealth Accumulation Center (WAC). It is scheduled to open in the first quarter of 2017.

The facility is located at 2828 Gravois Ave. in the Benton Park neighborhood. It will include: an Excel Center® (which will mark the fourth location for free financial education and coaching); a second RedDough® Money Center; and a walk-in Credit Union branch. With the opening of the new WAC, 98% of all city residents will live within two miles of a St. Louis Community branch.

Our giveback continues to grow. We are thrilled to join Prosperity Connection® once again to better meet the needs of communities that need us most.

NEW Enhancements to Overdraft Privilege Service

St. Louis Community is making enhancements to our Overdraft Privilege (ODP) service, taking effect Tuesday, January 17.

  • All qualified new and existing checking accounts will be granted a minimum ODP limit of $50.1 After 30 days of membership, or 60 days for Freedom Checking Accounts, you may qualify for a higher limit.2
  • If you already enjoy our ODP service with an ODP limit higher than $50, you will continue to do so.
  • Please note that restrictions apply to any account that remains negative for more than 30 days.3
  • Additionally, when the net available balance of your account is less than $3.00 negative, we will waive the overdraft fee for the transaction that caused the negative balance!

Overdraft Privilege is not a line of credit, but rather protection against occasional, inadvertent overdrafts. Click here to read about how to manage your account against the risk of an overdraft.

Click here for a copy of our updated account agreement.

Thank you for your membership.

1If you would like to opt out of this service, please contact us at 314-534-7610 for further details or visit any branch.
2 Based on the type of checking account you have, you may qualify for an ODP limit of $200, $400, $700 or $1,000. Other qualifications apply. See Credit Union for complete details.
3If your account remains negative for more than 30 days, your account’s ODP limit will return back to $50.

Get your FICO® score at St. Louis Community!

Want to know the status of your credit and how it can be improved? St. Louis Community provides our members access to their credit report and FICO score* at no cost!

With a Credit Check-Up**, our member service representatives will provide:

  • A free and confidential review of your credit report
  • Your FICO score
  • Valuable tips on how to improve your score
  • Potential money saving opportunities

Credit scores play a major factor in the quality of everyday life. It can influence the interest rate you pay on loans or credit cards, your ability to rent or purchase a place to live, the cost of auto insurance and even an employer’s choice to hire you (in some cases).

Know where you stand! Visit any of our full-service branches to see about getting your free FICO score.

*Available during new account opening, loan applications and scheduled credit reviews. Membership rules apply.

** A Credit Check-Up generates a hard hit inquiry on your credit bureau, which may impact your credit score.

We’re a Top Employer. What we do matters.

We are pleased to announce that St. Louis Community Credit Union has been named as one of the 2016 Top Workplaces by Workplace Dynamics and the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

This honor is a testament to our natural passion to serve. Our employees come from the communities we humbly serve. The connection by our staff to our members and our giveback are real.

Our passion to serve drives our employees. We’re passionate about connecting underserved populations with true financial solutions. We’re passionate about rebuilding neighborhoods. That passion drives our staff to come to work every day. It drives us to build community partnerships toward a stronger city. It drives us to be more than a credit union.

We are committed to recruiting and retaining people of all backgrounds to help further our cause. Our social mission fuels our success. It’s an important part of our overall giveback.

St. Louis Community Credit Union is a Top Workplace. What we do matters. Whether it is through our caring staff at easily accessible branches throughout the region, meaningful products and services or financial education, we ARE making a difference.

Thank you for allowing us to serve you.

Sure Rides: Partnering to Drive Your Future

As part of our overall giveback to the community, St. Louis Community is proud to offer the Sure Rides® Auto Loan program. Introduced in spring 2014, Sure Rides was designed to help qualified, low-income, credit-challenged clients of workforce development agencies get to work by giving them access to affordable car loans.

We make it our business every day to provide affordable car loans to qualified hardworking people who might not otherwise have access to reliable transportation. What sets Sure Rides apart is our commitment to extending our hand into the community to people directly engaged in career development through workforce development agencies and other partners.

Oftentimes, people may have the capacity and skill to work, but they cannot get to a job regularly because they don’t own a car. Additionally, long-term unemployment and diminished personal credit can prevent many people from obtaining car loans. This creates a losing situation for both employees and employers, thus dragging down our regional economy. That’s why we work with our workforce development partner groups to help bridge this gap.

If you obtained your job through one of the following partners and qualify for St. Louis Community membership, you’re eligible to apply for a Sure Rides Auto Loan.

  • Family and Workforce Centers for America (FWCA)
  • Employment Connection
  • Urban League Employment Services
  • Job Corps (program graduates only)
  • Beyond Housing child/adult care facility partners:
    • Alexus Palace Child Development Center
    • ABC Infant Child Care Center
    • Babbs Child Care, LLC
    • Bethesda Temple Child Development Center
    • Brighter Daycare & Preschool Inc.
    • City Sprout Day Care
    • Destiny House Child Care
    • Dean’s List
    • Educare Early Childhood Center
    • Every Child Hope Child Care Center
    • Guiding Light Child Care
    • Kia’s Center of Learning, LLC
    • Korner Stone Kids Preschool
    • Parent University

In addition, we may be able to help you with other loan opportunities.

Interested in and eligible for a Sure Rides Auto Loan? Visit one of our social service agency branches (Downtown/Kingdom House, Water Tower/Grace Hill or Wellston/MET Center) for further assistance, or call the Sure Rides hotline at 314-256-3999.

Rates, terms, and conditions are subject to change and may vary based on creditworthiness, qualifications, and collateral conditions. All loans subject to approval.

2.99% APR for two years! 5.00% APR variable thereafter*

Make it your dream home! Open a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) today and lock in the low introductory rate of 2.99% APR for two years!*

Use the money in your home for whatever you imagine! Our flexible HELOC is ideal for home improvement projects, long-term expenses, and gives you convenient access to funds whenever YOU need it! That includes using your HELOC for future needs, with a draw period up to 10 years. Our loans never come with pre-payment penalties, plus the interest you pay on your loan may even be tax deductible (consult your tax adviser for details). Apply now!

*Limited time offer. Subject to credit approval. Introductory Annual Percentage Rate*(APR) available on new lines of credit only and is based upon underwriting crite­ria. After 24-month introductory period, APR may vary monthly for the remaining life of the loan between Prime Rate and Prime Rate plus a margin up to 3.50% based upon underwrit­ing criteria and LTV at time of application, although it will not be lower than 5.00% APR and will not exceed 6% above the initial non-introductory rate. As of 1/5/16, the Prime Rate is 3.50% as published in the Money Rates Section of The Wall Street Journal. Finance charges begin the date a transaction is posted to your account. Properties securing home equity lines of credit must be located in St. Louis City, St. Louis County and select counties in Illinois. Property insurance will be required and flood insurance where necessary. Consult a tax advisor regarding tax deductibility. Refinancing avail­able from other institutions only. St. Louis Community Credit Union’s NMLS ID #616755

Become Part of Something Bigger at St. Louis Community Credit Union!

We exist to serve the community. It’s at the heart of what we do. As a jobs creator, we give back to the community by sustaining an excellent culture that is good for our staff and our members. We are growing and seeking talented, hardworking people with a passion to serve.

If you are looking for a career that actually means something, you’ve come to the right place. Find your purpose and your passion with St. Louis Community Credit Union. Click here to learn more.

St. Louis Community Credit Union is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Respect All People, All of the Time

When it comes to people, St. Louis Community Credit Union lives and breathes respect and dignity. It’s part of who we are. That means we abide by the Golden Rule: Treat others as you like to be treated.

As a principle of our culture, we provide and expect mutual respect for all – members and staff alike. Whether you visit a branch or speak with us over the phone, we are here to serve you openly, honestly and respectfully. After all, this Credit Union belongs to each of us. Please join us in offering respect to everyone.

Respect all people, all of the time. That’s how we do business… and that’s what we all deserve.

Put More Money in Your Pocket: Avoid Overdraft Privilege (ODP) Fee and Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) Fee

Things happen… especially when it comes to managing your financial accounts. However, if you aren’t careful, periodic Overdraft Privilege (ODP) fees and Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) fees can become costly over time. The good news is – they don’t have to be.

Here are some helpful tips for avoiding them:

Build an emergency fund by paying yourself first. It doesn’t take a lot of money to get started. By putting aside an extra $10 or $20 here and there in your Credit Union savings account, you can build a cushion for those unexpected expenses that may come your way.

Monitor your spending. It’s always a good practice to track what you have to work with – what you owe vs. what you earn. Consider monitoring your spending by signing up for Online and/or Mobile Banking. It’s a free, fast and safe way to manage your money.

Use direct deposit. By taking advantage of direct deposit, you can help ensure that funds hit your account in a timely manner. This service is free and can prevent you from scrambling to make it into your local Credit Union branch before an urgent bill does.

Set a budget that works for you. Make a list of your monthly obligations and find out where your money is actually going. This way, you can identify those spending leaks and find ways to avoid them. You don’t have to do this alone. We offer free classes on budgeting and financial management at the Excel Center® (our destination point for financial empowerment). It’s part of our overall giveback to the community.Click here for details.

Take advantage of overdraft protection services. St. Louis Community offers several options for managing Overdraft Privilege (ODP) and Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF). Click here for details.

Seek financial assistance. If you are having trouble making ends meet, consider seeking financial help through our BalanceSM Financial Fitness Program or your local social service agency. SLCCU works with a variety of partners that may be able to meet your needs.

Get help today!
Put your money to work for you instead of the other way around. For more information or to set up a one-on-one financial coaching session, contact the Excel Center® at (314) 385-1586 or via email at
Federally insured by NCUA. Certain project costs have been underwritten by the Missouri Department of Economic Development, Neighborhood Assistance Program. These educational activities are financed (in part) through an allocation of Community Development Block Grant funds from the Department of Housing and Urban Development and the City of St. Louis’ Community Development Administration.