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Helping Our Members Save: Flora’s Story

Through our Save to Prosper™ account, members are rewarding themselves with the gift of saving money.

Flora: Member since 1993

Branch of choice: Jennings

Flora holda a sign that says

How did you find out about Save to Prosper?
Flora saw a poster in the Jennings lobby and decided to ask Brittney (a SLCCU Member Service Representative) how to get signed up.  She opened her account and is initially depositing $10 directly from her paycheck each period.

She won our $75 drawing for summer 2017. She’s hopeful that she may also win the $750 drawing at the end of the year.

What benefits have you seen?
“When there’s savings coming out of your check directly, you don’t miss it. I want to save unbeknownst to myself.”

Why did you choose St. Louis Community Credit Union?
“The Credit Union has been a Godsend for me. I’ve made up my mind. I like my Credit Union. Nobody wants to keep on paying $5 to get a cashier’s check or $8 for a money order. So much of the services are for low fees or free, and I’ve gotten used to that.”

Flora says she will refer her niece and other family to St. Louis Community Credit Union so they can continue to save in a way that is automatic.  “It gives them a chance to win prizes just for doing what they should do, anyway.”

What are you saving for?
“I’m saving for household things. I’d like some new windows. I recently purchased a new duvet for winter. Also, I want to spoil my great grandchildren.”

St. Louis Community Partners with Operation Food Search

Expanding Our Giveback To Feed CommunitiesOperation Food Search Pop Up Pantry & Summer Meals

We partnered with Operation Food Search’s Summer Meals Program at three branch locations to provide nutritious lunches for children during the summer months. The Credit Union also hosted a Pop-Up Food Pantry that served family meal kits and included healthy cooking demonstrations.smiling older woman with groceries

In total, nearly 1,800 meals were distributed!

We salute OFS in their fight to heal the hurt of hunger in St. Louis, and are pleased to stand with them as a community partner to help bring nutritious food to the communities we serve. We encourage you to learn more about Operation Food Search, their many programs serving the St. Louis area, and how you can get involved at www.operationfoodsearch.org.

Helping Our Members Save: Dave’s Story

Through our Save to Prosper™ account, members are rewarding themselves with the gift of saving money.

Dave: Member since 2016

Branch of choice: Benton Park

Image of Dave holding a sign that says

How did you find out about Save to Prosper?
“I saw it [Save to Prosper] on the website, and I applied with Kim at the Benton Park branch. Having an incentive to save is awesome. Winning the drawing is also awesome, but for me it’s more about having the money tied up so that you can’t access it and forcing yourself to save on purpose.”

What benefits have you seen?
“I do everything online and the credit union has easy online banking. I have applied for a few small loans and a line of credit.  You just click, apply online, come in to close and you’re done.

When he goes into Online Banking to pay his bills on payday, he takes time to transfer some money from his checking to his Save to Prosper account.

Why did you choose St. Louis Community Credit Union?
“I’m not a big box, big bank guy.”

Dave started his career at a local bank and he decided that he liked more of the hometown feel of a credit union. “I was born and raised in St. Louis and want to be local. I joined St. Louis Community because I want to bank local. I’ve had nothing but great interactions with staff in branches and on the phone. It’s really a hometown feel.”

What are you saving for?
Dave says he has a very demanding job. Therefore, he would like to go to the mountains and rent a cabin for a few days with his puppy Woof. “Nothing too extravagant, just to get away from work for four or five days and see the mountains. I love hiking. It’s one of my passions.”

Financial Solutions for Life’s Twists and Turns

No matter the need, we’re here to help members succeed

Leo: Member since 2008

Branch of choice: Richmond Heights

Leo H holds a sign that says

Leo first became a St. Louis Community Credit Union member in 2008 when his mother, a 17-year member herself, opened up accounts for all her children. When his mother passed away suddenly, he didn’t know what to do. He asked a St. Louis Community Credit Union Member Service Representative for guidance.

She helped Leo and his siblings sort out policies, deal with insurance, fax and send documents and get everything in order. Leo was able to secure an auto loan, which helped him purchase a new car rather than hold on to his mother’s vehicle — something he never before thought he could do.

Next up: Leo says he is thinking about buying a home of his own. He plans to go to the Excel Center for their free class on home buying and find out more about the process.