Fee Schedule

Effective August 1, 2017

Account History Printout Fee $5.00
·   Silver Checking Free
Account Number Transfer Fee $30.00
Account Reactivation Fee1 $25.00
Account Research/Reconciliation Fee (per hour) $20.00
ATM Withdrawal Fees:
·   Credit Union owned or CO-OP network ATMs Free
·   Foreign ATM Fee (per transaction) $1.00
Cashier’s Check Fee ($250 Minimum): $3.00
·   With a Checking Account $2.00
Check Cashing Fees (per item):
·   Members2 $3.00
·   Non-members $5.00
Check Copy Fee (per item): $2.00
·   Silver Checking – 3 free per day
·   Gold Checking Free
Checking Account  Fees:
·   Ascend Monthly Fee Free
·   Bronze Monthly Fee Free
·   Freedom Monthly Fee Free
·   Freedom Start-Up Monthly Fee $5.00
·   Silver Monthly Fee $2.50
·   Gold Monthly Fee if $500 minimum balance is not maintained $5.00
Corporate Check Fee: $1.00
·   Silver Checking – 3 free per day
Dormant Account Fee3 $4.00
E-statements Free
Enhanced Overdraft Privilege Fee (per month) $5.00
Excessive usage Fees:
Club Accounts
·   Early Withdrawal (per withdrawal) $25.00
Save to Prosper4

·        Save to Prosper Withdrawal Fee

Savings accounts

·   More than 6 teller-assisted withdrawals per quarter (per withdrawal) $5.00
Daily Interest
·   More than 3 withdrawals per month (per withdrawal) $1.00
Garnishment/Levy Fee (per item) $20.00
Invalid Address Fee (per month, due to a returned statement) $2.00
Limited Activity Fee (per month)5 $4.00
Manual payment due to ACH or check w/ incorrect account number Fee                                        $5.00
MAX Services Fees:
·   24 Hour Phone Teller Free
·   Bill Pay Free
·   Mobile Money Free
·   Online Banking Free
Money Order Fee (per item) $0.49
Non-member funds availability research Fee (per item) $2.00
Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) Fees:
·   Debit card transaction clearing with NSF $18.00
·   Returned item for NSF $18.00
·   Freedom and Freedom Start-Up checking additional per item fee $1.00
Notary Service Fee (per signature notarized): $1.00
·   Gold, Silver, and Ascend Checking Free
Overdraft Privilege Fee (per item) $18.00
Overdraft Protection Fee (only offered on Gold, Silver, and Ascend checking) Free
Phone Check Withdrawal Fee $1.00
Paper Statement Fee (per month)6 $2.00
ProPay Loan Payments:
·   ACH (eCheck) $0.75
·   Debit Card 2.69% of Payment + $0.25
   Self-Serve Portal
·   ACH (eCheck) Free
·   Debit Card $4.95
Replacement Debit Card Fee $10.00
Returned Deposited Check Fee $10.00
Statement Copy Fee $5.00
Stop Payment Fee – Check or ACH (per item): $20.00
·   Check series $25.00
·   Corporate Check $15.00
Telephone Transfer Fee $2.00
Verbal phone request – check clearing information (per check) $3.00
Visa Gift Card Fee (per card) $4.95
Wire Transfer Fees:
·   Incoming Free
·   Outgoing Domestic $15.00


1 Account Reactivation Fee will be charged when a member requests that a restricted or closed account, due to a negative balance, be reopened. The account must first be brought to a positive balance.

2 Check Cashing Fee will be charged if there is less than $100 on deposit in the savings account and there is no other active relationship at the time of the transaction.

3 Dormant Account Fee will be charged to accounts with no activity for 6 months and a balance less than $100.00.

4 Save to Prosper Withdrawal Fee will be charged for the first withdrawal during a savings period. A second withdrawal during a savings period will resort in closure of the account. Penalties not applicable during the month of January.

5 Limited Activity Fee will be charged to account with 4 or less transactions during the month, no loans, no share certificates, or less than $100 total average daily balance. This fee does not apply to Smarty, Journey, or Silver accounts

6 Paper Statement Fee does not apply to Smarty Accounts or primary members 65 years and older.