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Special reminders for Midwest Credit Union Members

On June 1, 2018, your Midwest Credit Union (MCU) account(s) will automatically convert to St. Louis Community Credit Union (SLCCU) account(s). To ensure your transition is a smooth one, here are a few reminders to help keep you on track:

  • IMPORTANT: There was a delay in the card ordering process. You will receive your debit card by May 29, 2018. If you have not received your new SLCCU debit card by that date, please contact us.
  • Limited debit card usage. You can continue using your MCU Visa® debit card until June 1, 2018. Your debit card access may be limited beginning May 31, 2018, after 4 p.m.
  • Debit card activation. Your new SLCCU debit card can be activated and used June 1, 2018, after 9 a.m.
  • Bill Pay. MCU Bill Pay will be unavailable starting May 31, 2018. All payments scheduled on or before May 31, 2018 will be paid. Please cancel any bill payments scheduled for June 1, 2018, and afterward. You will need to reschedule them in SLCCU Bill Pay.
  • Online Banking. Enroll in SLCCU’s Online Banking service as early as 9 a.m. on June 1, 2018. Access to Online Banking through MCU’s website (browser access) will continue to be available through May 31, 2018.
  • Deposits. Your scheduled deposits will post as expected, if not earlier.
  • Statements. You will receive a paper statement for May. No eStatements will be sent for May. You can resume eStatements for June by enrolling in SLCCU’s Online Banking.
  • For your convenience, the Flower Valley Branch will be open on June 2, 2018 from 9 a.m. until noon.

Check out the Transition Guide for a detailed description of the above items, along with a list of deadlines and reminders.  For more information, contact Midwest Credit Union directly by calling 314-837-2500 or visiting the Flower Valley Shopping Center location in Florissant.


#11 Flower Valley Shopping Center


Telephone: (314) 837-2500
Business Hours:
9:00 to 5:00 P.M. (Mon.,Tues., Thurs., Fri)
10:00 to 5:00 P.M. (Wed)

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February 13, 2018

Dear Member,

Effective at the close of business March 31, 2018, Midwest Credit Union will officially merge into St. Louis Community Credit Union. The Board of Directors of Midwest Credit Union made this very difficult decision so that you may continue to receive the benefits of credit union membership while providing you access to a wider range of additional services.

This decision was made by the Board of Directors based on the following reasons:

  • Ongoing diminished return on member assets.
  • Limited growth potential due to our small size and restricted resources.
  • Lack of our ability to expand products and services in a highly competitive market.

As part of the merger agreement, members of Midwest Credit Union received a .75% bonus dividend based upon their share and loan balances as of December 31, 2017.  This bonus dividend will post to your account before February 28, 2018, and is our way of thanking our membership for your support over many years.

St. Louis Community Credit Union is a full-service financial institution with more than $250 million in assets and is one of the strongest in the region. Your Board of Directors chose St. Louis Community Credit Union because both institutions share the philosophy of helping to improve our members’ standard of living through quality, personal service and competitive rates and fees.

As we begin the merger process, Midwest Credit Union will begin operating as a division of St. Louis Community Credit Union.  For your convenience during the transition period (in which we migrate your accounts and information to St. Louis Community), all current product and service offerings will remain unchanged to Midwest Credit Union members.  Please continue to use your existing checks, debit card, and the Midwest Credit Union Flower Valley branch location until notified otherwise.  Rest assured that St. Louis Community Credit Union will handle this transition with care and your personal information will be treated with the highest level of confidentiality.

Upon completion of the merger (slated for this summer), St. Louis Community Credit Union is pleased to offer you all of the great services you have at Midwest Credit Union and more.  This includes:

  • Access to 15 additional offices and 19 ATMs for your banking needs.
  • Affordable auto and home loans, second-chance checking products, savings accounts and credit building services
  • Giveback to the community

Please be on the lookout for more information in the upcoming weeks related to the transition and how this will impact your existing account.

Also, for your convenience, we have created this web page specifically for communication during this transition.  Please check this page for more information.

If you have any questions, please contact Midwest Credit Union at 314.837.2500.

On behalf of the Board of Directors of both credit unions, we hope that you will take advantage of the many outstanding services available to you as a member of St. Louis Community Credit Union.


Melvin J. Bardon Jr.
Chairman, Board of Directors
Midwest Credit Union

Gerald Brooks
Chairman, Board of Directors
St. Louis Community Credit Union