VISA® Check Card

Sometimes, it’s just safer and easier to avoid carrying much cash. You don’t want it to be lost or stolen, and you don’t want it burning a hole in your pocket. That’s when you can benefit from a check (debit) card.

At St. Louis Community, we offer a Visa® Check (Debit) Card that’s conveniently linked to your checking account. It looks like a credit card, acts like a check, and spends like cash. Because it carries the Visa logo, you can use it on purchases at more than 20 million merchant locations around the world. Plus your check card is an interest-free alternative to using a credit card, and it’s faster than writing a check.

For added versatility and convenience, your Visa Check Card also functions as an ATM card. You have 24-hour access to cash, and the ability to make free deposits, withdrawals, balance inquiries and transfer funds at nearly 30,000 CO-OP ATMs worldwide. Please see ATM Service for more details.

The NEW Mastercard® Debit Card

St. Louis Community Credit Union is excited to announce our switch to a new St. Louis Community Mastercard® Debit Card, now with the added security of chip technology, continued convenience and great new benefits.

What you can expect.

With no interruptions to your current debit card service, and no extra cost to you, the new Mastercard Debit Card is being sent in phases to all members with an existing Visa® Check Card.

PLEASE NOTE: Your Personal Identification Number (PIN) will change. You will also need to provide your new debit card number to any merchants who automatically bill your existing card.

If you still have an existing Visa Check Card, please continue to use it as usual. When you receive your new St. Louis Community Mastercard Debit Card and the detailed guide enclosed, activate the new card as instructed and begin using it right away.

Update your Contact Information!

To ensure safe delivery of your card and ongoing communications, please verify your address and email information with us. You can make updates through Online Banking, or by visiting your local branch.

Stay tuned for more details. We will communicate with you by mail and email before and after your debit card is scheduled to mail.

Mastercard Q&A

Mastercard Guide to Benefits